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    • petergreyphotography

      Dank je wel! Ik ben wel eens in het Van Abbe geweest. Vanaf het station door de binnenstad en dat merkwaardige Stratums Eind. Het museum is inderdaad een mooi gebouw, zeker voor de stijl van fotografie waar ik van houd. De collectie heeft toen weinig indruk gemaakt, ik kan me er vrijwel niets van herinneren. Nog wel scherp op mijn netvlies staat is die kerk met op de torenpunt een beeld van Christus. Ik geloof dat het beeld Jezus Waaghals wordt genoemd. Ik was vrees ik te moeten zeggen niet kapot van Eindhoven. Maar een stad met een beeld met die naam moet geprezen worden.


  1. Jane Lurie

    Very captivating set of monochrome images, Peter. Well done. Love the architectural shots especially and I’m a huge fan of shooting in museums! Have to ask, is the beach couple a sculpture? They look so life like! Great set.


    • petergreyphotography

      Thank you very much Jane. I love to take pictures in museums too because museums, especially the newer ones often are fabulous buildings and pieces of art on their own. I also like the interaction between the rooms, the art and the visitors, wich are combining in a strangely intimate way. The beach couple is a sculpture by an Australian guy called Ron Mueck. He creates large figures of silicones and fiber and the like, as life like as possible. It’s kind of eerie walking around these ‘people’, watching them in this silent moment from so close, and for so long. You never look at strangers in this way. The only ones that would be the subject of such an examination is likely to be your partner or children. I made lots of photo’s of this couple and I like this one the best, for the lack of the many other viewers, who sometimes went down on the floor to lie in the exact same position. The girl in my picture is a museum watchgirl who had seen this one time to often and eagerly wants to go home 🙂


      • Jane Lurie

        Hi Peter, Funny! There is a very similar artist at the San Francisco MoMa (might be the same artist)- one is a security guard who scared the heck out of me the first time I saw him! The next time my friend said, “It’s nice they have extra security when it’s so busy.” 🙂


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