25 reacties op ‘Pretty little city 7 – When the night falls

    • petergreyphotography

      Thank you Nicole! I was, and am, in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands. I like to go out for a walk and I always bring my camera. This way I pictured my city (and surroundings) in recent years. It’s fun to see and capture things that are changing, not only the seasons but also buildings being broken down and others being erected, passages being closed or opened, roads renewed – the flow of a living entity a city is. I am member of a facebook page about the history of Groningen. My pictures very probably will never stand out in the enormous amount of images made these days, but it’s nice to imagine that I’m working in an old tradition of capturing ones living space. 🙂


      • Nicole

        I know exactly where that is! Although I’ve never been I have a friend who lives there. I also enjoy going on walks with my camera. The towns and cities around me have changed a lot over the years and it never ceases to amaze me that no matter how many times I’ve been to the same place I always find something new to photograph, a new adventure to go on. I truly enjoy see your photos. It helps to open up a world to places I know about, have read about and want to go, but have yet had the chance. Night photos are always interesting to me too, as that’s an area where I struggle. Thanks for always sharing your pictures! Sometimes the greatest satisfaction comes from working on a project you’re proud of.

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    • petergreyphotography

      Thanks a lot Hedy. The dark days are coming again. We now got wintertime over here. Soon it will be dark at 5. The night, one could say, is a large shadow in wich the secrets are revealed. We wander and wonder what the scarse light will bring. 🙂 Have a great sunday, Peter.


    • petergreyphotography

      Dank je wel Liesbeth! Ik vind die gemeeenteveegwagentjes ook altijd zo gaaf. Tot vijf uur is er markt op de Vismarkt, het duurt dan een uurtje voordat iedereen vertrokken is en dan komen de wagentjes. Het plein is dan prachtig, vooral in deze donkere tijd, glimmende straatstenen, wat meeuwen die rond vergeten patatbakjes scharrelen, het ruikt naar vis en nog vaag naar noten, en dan de rode veegmachientjes die hun rondjes draaien. Schitterend.


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