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    • petergreyphotography

      Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog. Black and white vs colour, or as I like to see it: next to colour. Sometimes pictures ARE about colour, colour brings joy, light, warmth etc. Colour can lead the eye of the viewer to what is important in the picture. Or provide an element that makes the picture interesting. But it can also be distracting. Bright colours like red and yellow attract the eye, also if that is not wanted. Some pictures are as good or better in B&W. Instead of tones, dark en light and everything in between makes the picture. It can be easieer to ‘read’ a B&W image. B&W gives a certain abstractness to a picture, it makes us see clearer, it makes us ask: what do I actually see? It ‘frees’us from ‘reality’, it makes shapes more visible. The pictures on this page are made mostly in dull, grey weather without much colour in, well, about everything. Then B&W is an easy choice. Some of the images are made in bright sunny weather. They would do well in colour too. Some of the pictures I made this trip are better in colour but didn’t fit in this serie. I fully agree that B&W can be very expressive and I am very fond of this kind of editing. But I don’t abbandon colour, for it can be (is) expressive too (when made well.) Hope to see you back on my blog!

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