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  1. Nicole

    I love these black and white photos! Especially enjoyed the seagull shots, the one of the elderly couple on the bench looking out on the water and the one with the two boats as a ray of sun breaks through the clouds. Always a pleasure to see your photos!

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  2. WoordWaarde

    Het bijna-snoepmoment van de hondjes (rustpunt in een verhaal), de naturelle arm om de schouder bij het koppel (er zijn nog zekerheden), het etende trio (gulzigheid?) en het duo dat de brommer op de dijk verlaten heeft en nu de dam overloopt (undercover)…wat jij had opgemerkt. Oh ja…en dan nog die zalige schaduw in het water. Dat zijn mijn favorieten. Is (mee) genieten!


    • petergreyphotography

      Dank je wel! Het duo op de dam, ik had ze herkend ook zonder helm ๐Ÿ™‚ Ze zwaaiden en riepen, denk ik, ik kon ze moeilijk verstaan: Tot de volgende keer! Voor geheim agent zijn ze vermoedelijk minder geschikt. En die mensen met de arm over de schouder – lief is dat hรฉ? Overal zijn, je weet het, verhalen.

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  3. juergen61

    Hello Peter,
    great black and white Pictures full of real feeling…i like the two fisherboat picture most, with the light beam just to show them where the fishes are…
    Best rgards, Jรผrgen


  4. petergreyphotography

    Vielen dank Jรผrgen! In summer das Wattenmeer is loaded with sailing ships, mostly carrying groups for a week on board, sailing, watching seals and visiting the islands. But there are some real fisherboats as well, mostly fishing for shrimp. And yes, sometimes the Sun God helps a little. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. circadianreflections

    Wonderful series Peter! I loved the mature couple on the bench, the seagulls -great perspective and light there! I loved the tall ships with the ray of sunlight faintly between them, and the couple on the levy looking out to sea. Really great stuff!

    Love your tones. I have yet to find “my” look for monochrome/black &white images. In my head I want the tones and grain we had when I was growing up. The look of our old family black and whites. Nostalgic I guess. I get close but it’s still not there, and I don’t convert to b&w often.


    • petergreyphotography

      Thank you so much Deborah! Also for the comments on the pictures. It’s great to get feedback. I convert my pictures to black and white often with the use op NIK Silver Efex Pro software. It is part of a bigger suit and free for download on this website: https://www.google.com/intl/en/nikcollection/ I made a couple of own presets. In particular I like the ‘soft contrast’ slider and when opting for a vignet the options are to my taste as well. Grain can be applied and a colour tone when needed. Maybe you want to play around with it a bit. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to your new images!

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      • circadianreflections

        I have had NIK forever. I like their fine art preset, but it still needs a little something.

        Speaking of NIK I’m not updating my laptop from CS6 so when it stops working on PS CC and Lightroom I still have it to use somewhere. I also like Dfine, and Vivesa, and Color Pro.
        It looks like it may not be working anymore with this latest update to PS CC. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’ll have to do a little research since I just did the update last night, but when I tried to summon it to get the correct spelling for Vivesa it wouldn’t open.

        I left the comments on the images b/c I’d forget what I wanted to say on each image by the time I got to the end and back to the post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • petergreyphotography

      Hi! I don’t they are fishing smacks. I think they are inland cargo ships, not used for carrying cargo anymore but leisure ships for groups. Lots of them sail te Wadden Sea in spring, summer and autumn. In winter they are anchored in harbours, like in those of my city.

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  6. dancingpalmtrees

    Looks like fun! I Like the older couple with their pet dogs. Cute.

    Years ago I used to date a guy from Staten Island and enjoyed riding on the Staten Island Ferry. New York has many ferries and boat tours that go around the island of Manhattan or to the Statue of Liberty, Bear Mountain or West Point. When my brother and I were kids our Dad would take us on a boat trip to Bear Mountain every summer. BTW There are No bears at Bear Mountain! LOL!! South Street Seaport is also a wonderful place to visit. My brother and I have gone there a few times and enjoyed ourselves. Even into October if the weather is still warm you can have a fun and enjoyable time.

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