38 reacties op ‘Pretty little city 10 – A mid april summer day

    • petergreyphotography

      As I type this we have a thunderstorm going on and, yes, summer is gone for a while. But in 2 weeks time everything grew richly green! I keep finding that amazing, the speed of nature in spring. I hope spring will be in Etown very soon. 🙂 Oh, and the girl under the blossom tree – I really only noticed her when I looked at the pictures at home (shame on me!) but yes, they form a lovely combination of colour and expectations. Have a good day Hedy! Peter.

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    • petergreyphotography

      Thank you Deborah! The pink tree is very spring and the temperature then was very summer, so the combination was quite extraordinairy. Groningen is a university city and our students love to pimp their bycycles (also to be able to find them in the ocean of other parked bikes 🙂 ) And yes, the girl in the windowsill…. I have a crave for such an image after I saw this woman sitting like that in Venice, after sunset, she and her book, while the gondolas where passing by and some far away church bells ringed in the warm night.

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  1. petergreyphotography

    Thank you! Our summer was extremely brief though. We had autumn in the meantime and is it supposded to freeze at night the next weekend! But no, that is normal april/mai weather over here. We have this saying: April does it’s will. And so it is. It was the summer spell that was extraordinary. The girl and the tree is a lucky capture and, I agree, it is cute. The shadow picture was deliberate and I find that a cool shot too! I makes me want to look at these bridges more carefully. Everything man made is after all design.


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