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  1. circadianreflections

    I love this! I see the story this way- She rides to the shore where she parks the bike, and is heading for her sailboat to continue on her journey. It looks like there might be maps and some supplies in those bike bags, and a package. A spy thriller? A mystery? A love story? To be continued… 😊?


  2. petergreyphotography

    Thank you Deborah! It’s a geat story you thought of. It could very well have been like that. The girl indeed was on some kind of journey. Being an university city we have rather a lot of Chinese students around. This girl had wandered off to the south of the city on a cold wintery day, exploring her new town. She was small and all alone but brave and outgoing. She came to the lake and…. my goodness, a boat was waiting for her, she knew it was her destiny to climb aboard and set sail to places yet unknown… Hmmm, your comment has put me into writing mode 🙂


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