• petergreyphotography

          No doubt we have them too. Not in my city (we don’t have cruise ships embarking here), but in Amsterdam and no doubt Rotterdam they do. Not to the joy of the locals I must add. Tourists don’t always know how to ride a bike in hectic traffic. What we do have in my city are foreign students. It somehow always touches me to my soul, those small Spanish and Chinese youngsters, in winter with enormous woolen hats on their heads, biking along our streets, chatting in their languages. Awww…

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      • Nicole

        I like color too. And, yes, I agree, some photos are ‘made’ for black and white. There are so many advantages to digital, but I just want to say that film has its advantages too. I shoot both. So much fun!

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          • Nicole

            Take the plunge into film! It’s so much fun! Not that digital isn’t, but I find something extra special about shooting film. I used to shoot film all the time, concerts and everything, and loved it. I still do. Although now I pick and choose based on the situation. I started with a 35mm and then moved onto 120mm and other stuff. Sometimes you can find a good, inexpensive camera in antique shops. Or EBAY. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, people are selling from their personal collection so you can buy it right from them. Thanks for stopping by my Flickr page! I appreciate it as well as your kind words.

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  1. juergen61

    Hello Peter,
    nice B/W series of your coast, looks a little bit like our baltic sea coast (my favourite place) or the …friesischen Inseln…anyway…every coast is a fine place during the whole year …Best regards, Jürgen

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    • petergreyphotography

      Hallo Jürgen, vielen dank! Thank you. The Baltic coast is beautiful, especially I find the coast of Rügen wonderful. The Frieschische inseln I haven’t visited, apart from Borkum, but I think, although they are somewhat smaller, they look alike our Watteninseln, and, being born on one of them, those I am extremely fond of. And you are right: The coast, whatever coast, is always a great place to be.

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