Homeland interlude – Where I was born.


41 reacties op ‘Homeland interlude – Where I was born.

  1. circadianreflections

    Oh, Peter, it’s beautiful! I love the windmill…I hear those are few and far between nowadays, and that blue hour image. Be still my heart! I love the clouds in that image and the beach with the distant people…The iconic Netherlands..or as knew it from my heritage Holland

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  2. petergreyphotography

    Thank you Hanna! It was and still is a wonderful play ground for children. The amazing thing is it hasn’t changed all that much. In my childhood there were hardly any cars, but there aren’t that many nowadays. The meadows I made chains of daisies are still there and I can still see me lying on my back in the grass watching the clouds drifting westward to a far away fairy land called England. I hope I’ll never lose my playfulness 🙂

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    • petergreyphotography

      Vielen dank Jürgen! Ich finde es immer wieder sehr toll wenn ich von die Fähre aussteige und das Insel betrete. Ruhe und Natur, tatsächlich ganz anders dann in die Stadt, auch in meine eigenes wohnstadt, obwohl Groningen viel kleiner ist als Hamburg. 🙂 (Und euch habt die Elbe!)

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  3. RV John

    I too like the windmill and it looks like a nice peaceful place to be. I think that you are lucky to be able to say that it has not changed that much. All the places I knew as a child I would not know if you just pick me up and drop me in now. I love seeing the chickens out in the backyard 🙂

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    • petergreyphotography

      Thank you John! When looking at a map of my country now and one of the end of the fiftees there is a huge difference. Cities and villages have expanded enormously. Although my birth village grew as well the old streets are virtualy left unchanged. So yes, it’s like travelling back in time. Just like having chickens running lose in the backyard. 🙂


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